Right now, I have 3 children on my page...will I get more? 

Yes! Once one of the children on your page is sponsored (wahoo!), a picture of a new child who needs a sponsor will be added to your page. You can expect to see a new child's photo added in about roughly 24-48 hours. If a child is already sponsored, a donor can always find a new child under the “View More Available Sponsor Children+” button.

What if someone wants to sponsor a child from another country or find a child with a specific birthdate?

If someone wants to sponsor a child that is different from one of the three available sponsor children you’ve been assigned, they can do so by clicking the “View More Available Sponsor Children +” link in the center of your event’s sponsorship page.

What’s the best way to hit my goal? 

The best way to hit your goal is to connect with your team leader and WV staff, plan time each week to make sponsorship asks and also plan out your year ahead by visiting this handbook where our new sponsorship resources live. There are resources and guidelines in a whole new section on Page 20 to help you get started with "Sharing Sponsorship", organizing your season and get started on your sponsorship goal.

Will children sponsored via paper packets show up here on my digital online page? 

Yes, as long as you ordered paper packets with the unique source code we provided you for this event, the number of children sponsored via paper packets will be added to your online page and under the "Sponsored Children" tab. 

Can I still order child picture folders? 

YES! We can't emphasize this enough. It will be extremely wise to have picture folders click here for how to order picture folders as well as sharing your new sponsorship via your personal URL link. Paper packets are a great way to order children as well from specific countries (just list it in the notes section). On your sponsorship page "dashboard", there is a link that will take you to the "Order Picture Folders" portal. HOW TO ORDER PICTURE FOLDERS

I mailed in a child sponsorship packet or just got a child sponsored online. Why doesn’t it show on my sponsorship page? 
  • Online sponsorship take up to 72 hours to show up on your sponsorship page.
  • If you mail in a picture folder or have confirmation that your donor mailed it in, it usually takes 4-6 weeks, to process at World Vision headquarters. After those 4-6 weeks, the sponsorship will show on your online page and in the report.
How do I see what children have been sponsored? 

The first stop to see what children have been sponsored and by who is to visit the “Sponsored Children” tab at the top of the grey dashboard. As children come in, you can see what child was sponsored, their age, and country they live in and who sponsored which child.

How do I update my personal page URL? 

To create a personal URL Page Link, visit the settings tool on your page and customize your link (i.e. www.wvchildambassadors.org/participant/johnsmith) to share online, via text or social!

I have additional questions about sponsorship.

For more information about child sponsorship and how it works, you can visit World Vision’s FAQ page.

I want someone to sponsor a child through Chosen and get credited to my event page. How do I do that? 

You can have your donors be Chosen through your personal sponsorship page!  Use this PDF and follow the steps so the Chosen sponsorship shows up on your fundraising page. Please note that Chosen sponsorships can take 2-3 weeks to be credited and displayed on your sponsorship page.

How long does it take to have the Chosen sponsorship credit show on my page?

Chosen sponsorships will take up to 72 hours to show up on your sponsorship page as a child that is waiting "To Be Chosen". It will then take up to 2-3 weeks for the child that eventually chooses the sponsor to have their details displayed on your sponsorship page. There is significant coordinating between our technology and World Vision field offices to ensure the utmost privacy of your data and the personal information of the child who chooses you!

How does being Chosen as a sponsor work?

Learn more about the power of Chosen at www.worldvision.org/chosen