Total Sponsored: 10 children Sponsorship Goal: 500 children
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Southeast (FL, AL, MS, LA)

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       Welcome to the SOUTHEAST CA team page!

We are so excited you made it here to visit our team and to learn more about what this group of rag-tag Child Ambassadors are all about from the SE region of the country!  

This year, we have a big goal to see 500 new sponsorships as a southeast (FL, AL, MS, LA ) team raise up in 2021. Together, we're praying and making holy invitations to see more lives impacted through child sponsorship and Chosen.

If you're here for the first time, welcome

We have a spot for you on our team if you're interested to become a volunteer Child Ambassador. To learn the steps to join our team, email our regional coach Greg here.

Next, if you're here as well to learn more about child sponsorship, check out this video on how World Vision's incredible model works!


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