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Welcome Katie, Rebecca, Charles, 

Krista, Diane, Leigh, Cynthia, 

Heather, Rachel , Sarah, Terry, Tamara and Anne!

Welcome to the team!  

Share a pic of you sharing sponsorship or visiting your sponsor child with the team. 

"Chosen" is available in Cambodia, at the same area we visited in February with World Vision!  If you share your page with someone, and they sign up for "Chosen" on your page, it will be for this area and the kids we met there. 

They are so bright, and many of them are suffering trauma from domestic violence.  Many of them are raised by their grandmothers that are poor themselves. Sponsorship is so needed in this area!

Thank you all for your work you do for the most vulnerable!

Message me if you have any questions!

With love and thanks,



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