Total Sponsored: 29 children Sponsorship Goal: 50 children

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If a child is thriving, everyone’s thriving. 

That’s why sponsorship matters so much to me!  When you sponsor a child through World Vision, you're not only personally showing God’s love to a child in need, you’re also investing in a proven way to help that child and their community stand tall, free from poverty.

Here's my story...
I believe so deeply in the power and life changing transformation of child sponsorship! I have sponsored children since 2005. Two of them recently graduated from the program having completed school and found employment. I was so moved to learn one of those young adults is sharing his time and leadership skills to bless others by volunteering with the child advocacy and protection program World Vision has inspired in his community. How empowering! 

As a single mother with a heart for missions. This was one powerful way to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children right here from home. What an amazing way to educate my children in global issues, demonstrate compassion and lead by example. Love matters, justice matters…offering a small portion of what we are blessed with can make a huge difference. Please join me!  God bless you!