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John Wanzala

John Wanzala

Boy | 12 years old

Birthday: June 21, 2010

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Ly Ly

Ly Ly

Girl | 5 years old
Viet Nam

Birthday: August 17, 2017

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Girl | 10 years old
Sierra Leone

Birthday: December 04, 2012

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If a child is thriving, everyone’s thriving. 

That’s why sponsorship matters so much to me!  When you sponsor a child through World Vision, you're not only personally showing God’s love to a child in need, you’re also investing in a proven way to help that child and their community stand tall, free from poverty.

Here's my story...

Twenty-seven years ago our family sponsored Jojie, a young boy from the Philippines. While I knew that I would be helping a child in desperate need, I didn’t understand at the time that four additional children in Jojie’s community would directly benefit as a result of our sponsorship. Child Sponsorship tackles the root causes of poverty on a community level and is designed to help childrens’ communities become self-sustaining. 

After I became a mom, I could not imagine anything worse than something terrible happening to my child and what it must feel like to have my child be hungry, without clean water, or without necessary medical care. Not to mention being denied basic education simply because there was no money to attend school or purchase the required uniform. This is what it must be like to struggle through a life without hope.

Famous theologian G.K. Chesterton wrote nearly a century ago something that resonates with me about our common humanity: "we are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty." We hold so much potential to make a difference, to show kindness and loyalty to our fellow passengers.

Over time I discovered how World Vision works alongside communities, to listen to and understand their unique needs and help to put a cooperative plan into action addressing nutrition, clean water, education, child protection, jobs, basic healthcare and spiritual nurture. Your sponsored child's community takes ownership to reach their full potential and break free from poverty. As sponsors we partner with World Vision to reinforce that plan and help bring it to life.

I cannot think of a better way to spend $39 a month than by investing in and giving hope to a child, a family and a community all at the same time. Sponsorship works! My Child Ambassador friends have traveled and witnessed World Vision's work in the field and have seen firsthand the transformation that your sponsorship can make.

Before the pandemic interfered, I was scheduled to travel to Lesotho in southern Africa in April 2020 with a small group of fellow Child Ambassadors to see World Vision's work in the field. When it is safe to travel again, I am so looking forward to meeting my sponsored children Itumeleng, a six year old girl and Tlotla, a four year old boy who both live in western Lesotho.

As a sponsor you can exchange emails, letters and pictures with your child; send small gifts and even visit them.

You can choose a child to sponsor or you can be chosen. If you select chosen you simply sign up and submit your photo. Your name and photo will be sent to a community around the world and kids will be able to choose you as a sponsor. You'll get a photo of your new sponsored child holding your photo, plus a letter from him or her explaining why you were chosen.

Sponsorship is a beautiful way of showing love and changing a child's life. Like so many, you may find your life is changed too!