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Boy | 1 year old

Birthday: May 23, 2019

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Janani Amasha

Janani Amasha

Girl | 1 year old
Sri Lanka

Birthday: November 19, 2019

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Patric Ruberli

Patric Ruberli

Boy | 9 years old

Birthday: April 01, 2012

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If a child is thriving, everyone’s thriving. 

Here's my story...I have been a WORLD VISION CHILD AMBASSADOR since 2007 and have had the extreme privilege of connecting over 300 sponsored children to families. I have personally visited WORLD VISION in Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Ecuador and Cambodia. I know first hand the intense passion World Vision's national staff have for children, their families and their communities to bring them to self sufficiency over a period of at least 15 years.  Children and families pray urgently to be sponsored! IT IS A GREAT PRIVILEGE TO BE THE ANSWER TO A CHILD'S PRAYER!

Many know I raised a family of 10 children, 6 adopted children, a 51/2 month old little lady from New Jersey and 5 Native American children.  God has placed children as a calling upon my life.  Being a World Vision Child Ambassador is an extension of that calling.  Personally I sponsor 18 World Vision children, many of whom I met as I had opportunity to travel to their country.   World Vision has over 70 years  developed a proven wholistic strategy to lift children, their families and communities out of poverty to a life of self sufficiency, dignity and the future God has ordained for them!

When I go to my mail box and see a letter from WORLD VISION... IT IS THE VERY FIRST LETTER I OPEN TO READ!  I am never disappointed!  It will have a new picture of one of my sponsored children along with a letter!

Please enjoy the privilege for yourself.  Above are children praying and waiting to be sponsored... by you???

Hope For Honduras

Today, we also have an incredible opportunity happening right now in Honduras. For every child sponsored in Honduras this month, a very generous donor has agreed to match $250 of funds to provide clean water to five (5) children and family members in need. If you sponsor today, you can make an incredible impact in the life of a child through World Vision's child sponsorship ministry and also help communities receive the blessings of safe and sustainable clean water in Honduras.  To sponsor a child in Honduras with me, click this link here.